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Offutt Family Genealogy

A Brief Family History

Where does the Offutt name come from? That is still a question that remains unanswered. It was commonly thought by many of the Offutt branches and researchers that the name was of Welsh origin.

However research conducted by Samuel Offutt in both England and Wales tends to lend credibility to an English origin instead. Early English records dated in the 1600's have the name Offutt found in Clerkenwell, which is now part of the greater city of London.

The earliest recorded finding of the Offutt name in what was then the English Colonies in the New World was found in the province of Maryland. In 1694 a land grant of 101 acres was made. The property was named "Offett's Delight

In 1711 land records record the transfer of "The Outlett" to Wm. Offutt, planter in Prince George's County, MD.

By the time of his death in 1734 William Offutt had amassed a considerable amount of property, over 1000 acres. It is said that at one time this early Offutt family owned the property that the White House now sits on. This remains to be confirmed, and may be impossible to verify.

William and his wife Mary (Brock) Offutt had 11 children. All but one would marry, and of those who did marry all but one family would be blessed with children. This makes researching the Offutt name difficult at best in early records, as the same first names were often used by each family.

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List of Surnames

The Offutt name is sometimes mis-spelled in early records. I have found the following variations, there may be others that I am unaware of:


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