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Offutt Family Genealogy

Researching Your Own Family History

Researching family history is fun and rewarding.

I began my search by trying to ask relatives. My problem was that as far as I knew I had no living Offutt blood relatives. My great-aunt by marriage was able to get me started, but after that the search would prove to be both difficult and time consuming. Genealogy is a lot like detective work. One has to look for and then evaluate clues, hoping to follow the correct leads.

Always remember that while researching, different documents may provide clues that will later prove helpful. Or they may provide information that contradicts what you thought you knew for fact.

Keep an open mind and don't give up!

Here's a helpful link:

National Archives and Records Administration Web Site:

Research Tips

Be sure to evaluate the source of your information. Remember, you can't believe everything you read!

Remember, most everyone has two family names: your father's, but also your mother's. Don't feel you must restrict your research to just your paternal family tree.

Also remember that there may be more than one possible family crest, or none at all.

This crest was submitted by an Offutt Family member

This crest was also submitted by an Offutt Family member. It may reflect the connections to the Beall Family as it appears to have bells in the shield