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Offutt Family Genealogy

Union Offutt's

Union Flag

By the time the Civil War started the Offutt Family had spread out from Maryland moving in almost every direction. Because of this Offutt's were found on both sides of the conflict. One can only wonder if they knew that members of their extended family faced them across those many fields of battle as the war continued. Some were killed in battle, others were killed by disease even before they reached the fields of conflict. Others fell to disease after the war had ended.

OFFUTT, Andrew: born Nov 09, 1837 in KY died Oct 07, 1921 in KY. Enlisted with the 5th Kentucky Calvary, Company A in October 1861. He mustered out in May of 1865 as a Captain.

OFFUTT, C. G.: He enlisted 10 Jul 1863 with Company E, 105th Indiana Infantry Regiment. He mustered out 18 Jul 1863. It may be that he was under age or infirm.

OFFUTT, Charles W.: born 1835 in MA died Feb 14 1887 in MA. Enlisted Sep 24, 1861 with the 1st Independent Battery New Hampshire Light Artillery. He was discharged Sep 28, 1864.

OFFUTT, Franklin: born circa 1837 in KY died Nov 10, 1862 in IN. Enlisted Aug 06, 1862 in Company A, 102nd Illinois Infantry Regiment. He died of illness while with his regiment in New Albany, IN.

OFFUTT, Henry: born circa 1844. Enlisted 2 May 1864 with Company I, 153rd Ohio Infantry Regiment. Mustered out Sep 09, 1864.

OFFUTT, James: born Feb 14, 1836 in PA died Dec 11, 1915 in OR. Enlisted Aug 31, 1861 with Company E, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (Known as the Roundheads). He was wounded in action at the Battle of Cold Harbor. He was mustered out as a 1st Lieutenant Aug 02, 1864.

OFFUTT, John F. C.: born Mar 01, 1822 died Aug 29, 1894. Enlisted Aug 15, 1862 in Company H, 4th Maryland Infantry. He was discharged May 13, 1865.

OFFUTT, Nathan Jr.: born Feb 26, 1838 in PA died Sep 02, 1862 in VA. Enlisted 31 Aug 1861 with Company E, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (Known as the Roundheads). He died at the Battle of Chantilly.

OFFUTT, Thomas Patterson: born Dec 29, 1844 in PA. Died Feb 29, 1884 in PA. Enlisted Dec 26, 1863 in Company E, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (Known as the Roundheads). At an unknown date he was transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps.

OFFUTT, William James: Enlisted in Battery I, 204th/5th Pennsylvania Artillery. He was mustered out Jun 30, 1865.

Research conducted by Nelle Offutt Chesley, Edward P. Offutt and David W. Offutt using multiple sources. The MIDI File of "The Battle Cry of Freedom" is used by the permission of Benjamin Robert Tubb from his website "Public Domain Music" at or click here-->Public Domain Music